Your Questions Answered

In this section, we answer the questions you have submitted to us. We will keep adding questions here as we answer them so check back later for more. Also, if you have any questions on what we do, on our program, or on weight loss or exercise, please submit them to us at

Q: I have medical problems that make it hard for me to exercise. What should I do?

A: Exercise is merely the movement of your body in particular ways for the purpose of improving your health, so if you can move any part of your body, you can exercise. If you do have a medical condition that precludes traditional forms of exercise, ask your doctor what you are allowed to do. That is a good place to start. But everyone can exercise. Walking is exercise, so if you can walk, do that. Start slowly and gradually increase the length of your walks.

Q:  I crave junk food in the evening. How can I control my night eating?

A:  If you would like to move toward healthy eating right now, we suggest you do it gradually. We also suggest that you plan your snacks. Rather than looking at an array of fattening food, and making a spontaneous decision, make a plan. For example, if you have three snacks after dinner, only have one or two, and limit portion size. Start by taking your favorite “junk” food and only eat half of your usual serving. You may want to eat a fruit along with it. Subtle changes pay off big. You can still eat after dinner, but cutting back on quantity and moving toward healthy choices will help you take control of your night eating. Also, for more suggestions on snack food, check out our 100 calorie list. These are ideas you can implement now. However, once you begin the Change Your Mind program either through reading our book or participating in Le Bon Sens, everything will fall into place.

Q: Insofar as weight loss, here are some things that confuse me: For example, on Atkins bars I see “only 1 gram sugar” but then I look on the side of the box at the nutritional contents and under the 1 gr sugar it says Sugar Alcohols – 12 gram. Makes me think it’s actually full of sugar. Is that right coz if it is, then it certainly isn’t diet friendly.

A: Sugar alcohols are not sugar. They are carbohydrates that are either manufactured or occur in nature. In small doses, they do not usually cause a spike in blood sugar, but they do contain calories. The health benefit of such products is unclear. We suggest that sugar and artificial sweeteners be used in moderation. An occasional Atkins bar—or even a typical chocolate bar– can be part of a balanced diet. If for example you are counting calories and include those calories, eating the Atkins bar will not impede your weight loss. However, because it is a highly processed food, there are healthier options.

Q: What is the difference between your diet and exercise plan and another diet plan like Weight Watchers?

A: Our plan is different from anything you have come across before because it does not begin with diet and exercise. It begins with a change in the way you think. Once you integrate the knowledge about how your body and your mind works, and why you have been eating a certain way, you will be ready to use tools to change your mind. Once you begin the process, you will be ready to make changes with respect to nutrition and movement. Our book does include two eating plans, but at the crux of our approach is that you draw on your inner resources to determine exactly how you will eat and how you will move your body.

Q: Is your diet plan a healthy diet?

A: Yes. While our plan is flexible, our suggestions follow generally accepted nutritional guidelines.

Q:  I read your book last January and really connected with it. I changed my attitude and it was easy to reach for healthier foods (especial snacks) than my prior choices that were full of sugar and white flour. By May I had lost 10 pounds and as I’ve continued to eat this way, to date it is still off (woo hoo!). I would love to lose another 5-10 pounds so I can fit into all of my clothes. I know exercise will help but are there are any specific foods that I can eat that will help boost fat burning, as well as any “healthy” foods that may inhibit it?

A:  As far as specific foods are concerned, you might want to look at the foods you are eating on a daily basis. There may be some foods you are consuming regularly and it is very possible a particular food—healthy or unhealthy– is hindering you from going further. But every body is unique so you may have to experiment to find what is not working for you. Vary your diet and see if that makes a difference. But don’t minimize the importance of exercise. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, but you do have to feel as if you are getting a good workout. Just do 20 to 30 minutes of daily activity in addition to what you normally do and you will see results in the long term.