When Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men, rather than fret about it, he tweeted that he was actually #Winning. People who followed the story perhaps interpreted it to mean that despite his troubles, he was okay. But the term winning is one that needs a bit more elaboration. What does winning really mean?

We watched the Olympics, the political conventions from which winners emerged, and we will vote in November to see who ultimately wins the presidential bid. The cliché is that everyone loves a winner, but as we said in our August 30th post, winning isn’t everything. Still, it’s something.

No matter what you think of Charlie Sheen’s actions, you can say that he took the positive route. Winning in our culture is so pervasive that there is a term “winningest” in the dictionary even though it sounds like a fake word.

So are you winning? Winning in this sense may be interpreted not as someone who has beat another, but as someone who is simply doing well. You are winning if you perceive your life as positive and happy. Clearly, you are the judge of whether or not you are winning, and if you feel as if you are a loser, know that it is an issue of perception and not a condition attributable to your actual circumstances. We are all winners on some level. Even Charlie Sheen who was fired from a lucrative job found a way to see himself a winner. Find the area in which you shine and own it. Now that’s a winning strategy!