Why We Have Slowed Down

rands426We have not stopped writing or blogging. But lately we’ve been pre-occupied and are on sort of an unplanned semi-hiatus. We had experienced a number of changes in our lives between September of 2013 and now. They are mostly good things, but these circumstances have sadly left us with less time to work on Everything Noetic.

We would like to share some of those changes as we both feel very blessed. Rhonda’s son Ian, who is also our illustrator, is getting married in June and Sandrine will be welcoming a new baby boy into the world, also in June!

Have you noticed the synchronicity in that story? We do, but it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Shortly after we met and decided to do this work, we noticed that the timing of events in our lives were uncannily and weirdly coincident. For instance, we each received calls for interviews this past fall on the same exact day. We accepted the offers that were made as a result of those calls, and we are both still working in these positions. The universe had plans for us that we never imagined! Can you relate? Do you notice coincidences in your life? Please share your stories with us!

And look out for our periodic posts throughout the summer and some exciting announcements. Also, don’t hesitate to email us anytime at everythingnoetic@gmail.com! We love hearing from you!