When You’re Stressed, Just Hit the Reset Button

We describe our book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight as having a three-prong approach, which is nutrition, exercise and meditation, but when we think of these categories, we do not realize how instrumental they are in helping us to reset. What is resetting, and why do we need to do it?

Resetting is indicated when you have gotten home late, just spent endless hours with relatives during the holidays, have been ill, have over-indulged, or have gotten off schedule for any number of reasons. You may be tired, you may be irritable, and your body may feel icky. You need to get back to your norm, but how do you do it?

Again, go back to basics by focusing on the three categories of nutrition, exercise, and meditation. For example, you can reset by first engaging in physical activity whether it is going for a jog or scrubbing your bathroom. After a half hour or so of willfully moving, take a shower to wash everything away. The water will soothe you. Shut off your phone and practice mindfulness breathing for ten minutes. Then plan a relaxing evening where after you cook and consume a nutritious meal, you curl up with a book, start a knitting project, or have a cup of tea under the stars.

Of course, you do not have to devote a large block of time to resetting. On a busy day, or the day after a difficult night, take time to take care of yourself first. When you meditate or take ten minutes to explore a passion or exercise or eat a healthy meal, you rejuvenate yourself. When you realize that you need to reset, stop for a moment and think: What do I need to do in order to feel good?