When was the last time you drank a full glass of water?

Water is very important. Our bodies are made primarily of water, and we would die without it. As human beings, we can live without food longer than we can stand being without H20. Aside from keeping us alive, water allows our bodies to function properly. It aids digestion. It lubricates our joints. As a bonus, water is thought to be able to actually accelerate weight loss.

How do you know if you are drinking enough water? While the old eight glasses per day concept may be sound advice, everyone is different. You may need even more than that, especially during a heat wave or during prolonged training sessions. You may have heard that water in large quantities can kill you, and actually, it can. But unless you are engaging in a water drinking game—something you should never do—it is unlikely that you are drinking too much. If you have any doubts about what is healthy for you, ask your health care professional for advice.

In general, drink so your urine is light yellow and to a point where you never really get thirsty. Thirst is an indicator that you are already dehydrated. Drinking water need not be boring or difficult. If you Like us on Facebook, you will be privy to our tips. In June, we suggested ramping up your water glass with cucumbers and lemon wedges or just adding strawberries. Even if you put a few drops of juice in your water as flavor, it will enhance your experience. Plain water is just fine too and great when you are really thirsty. Try plain water with a lot of ice, or drink it lukewarm. Everyone has different preferences. We would love for you to share your water drinking thoughts with us here or on our Facebook Fan page!