What Will You Be Doing in 2013?

You may not be planning a bold move, but even if you will be working the same job and you will be living in the same home, you can change things up. What kind of energy are you going to bring to work? How do you want your home to look one year from today? How might you improve your appearance this year?

Preparing for the New Year does requisite tools you may have already purchased such as a new wall calendar or a portable planner.  A vision board—a sheet of paper with pasted pictures representing your dreams—can help those goals become a reality.

Your goals may begin to come into being just with an intention, but you will not achieve your goals by watching your life. You must actively participate.

Discern small steps to achieve each one of your goals. Include these steps on your calendar. Check them off  as your accomplish these steps. Then watch your life change.

Happy New Year!