Tuning out the noise

We talked about sound and silence in last week’s post. Noise level tolerance is an individual thing. Some people actually do not mind hearing the ordinary noises of human living, but others are truly disturbed by most any sound. It just might be our perception that makes the difference.

Again, children are able to more easily turn off the world and focus on what they are doing. Becoming like children takes a little effort for people who have not really allowed their inner child to roam.

First, lower your expectations. Children do not know what to expect because they have not had enough life experience. Do you expect people around you to stop living, moving, and making sound because you decided to read a book? It might be that you are just trying to get a little quiet, but expecting quiet makes it difficult to tune out any sound that comes your way. Lower your expectations. Read amidst the noise. You will soon adapt to what is going on around you, and you will learn to “read through” it.

Plan to take advantage of quiet periods. If all of your housemates leave at same time, and you find yourself in an oasis of quiet for an hour, don’t run the vacuum. Enjoy the quiet. Take fifteen minutes to revel in it. Then, when the rambunctious group returns, you will mind the sounds less.