There’s Only Now

Isn’t it funny that we say things like “It feels like a Thursday” or that the week went really fast? We look at our weeks or days or months and each has a certain resonance. A Tuesday may feel like Tuesday because it is the day we put out the garbage, or it is the day we order pizza, and then if something comes up to change our day, we are thrown off. We feel like it is a different day.

But of course you know that there is only now, this minute, this second. Linear time marches on regardless and the truth is that even if we accept our conception of time as real, people on the other side of the world are experiencing a different day anyway. So whatever day you think it is, it is just that day in this time zone at the moment, and will soon melt into the next time segment.

Although there is only the now, it is sometimes nice to look forward to certain days, but that comes with a flip side: while we look forward to the days we enjoy, we stress about the days we want to avoid, like Monday morning. But we can change the way we think about that.

By looking at time in a different way, we can alter our perception of our weeks. We may still have to take out the garbage when it is garbage day, but we can order pizza on Saturday instead of Tuesday, and we can change many of our weekly rituals. There is comfort in routine, but breaking out of the box once in a while can be refreshing.