The Sense of Touch: Why Finger Foods are so Compelling

Do you like to eat with your hands, or do you prefer utensils? Although as civilized human beings we set the table with knives, spoons and forks, we often like to take things down a notch. The ambiance changes when we are not using our silverware. We instantly relax.

We love to dip our hot chicken wings in sauce, and we enjoy our buttered popcorn as we watch the latest film on the big screen, and we so look forward to the little cocktail franks we reserve for parties, but we can do finger food while eating healthy. Do get comfortable on the couch, but instead of grabbing a bag of chips, spend a few minutes preparing a tray of vegetables with a low-fat dip. You may want to cut a block of cheese into cubes, add a bunch of grapes and nuts, or include a number of other healthy options on a plate. Indeed, you can touch your food, eat in a relaxed atmosphere, and nourish your body all at the same time.