The Razor Blade Myth and Other Reasons Why We Should Favor Healthy Halloween Treats

imgresIn 1985, Best and Horiuchi published a journal article titled the “Razor Blade in the Apple: The Social Construction of Urban Legends” contending that threats of tainted Halloween candy have been widely exaggerated.

Today, we shy away from baking our own treats or giving out fruit, for example, because there is a lack of trust, even though the danger has been blown out of proportion. Instead, our children bring home pillow cases full of hermetically sealed  store-bought candy. While stockpiling candy may not appear to be a healthy thing to do, Halloween does invite a lot of walking, so while the sugary treats will certainly be present, at least there is exercise involved.

As adults, we can do things to encourage healthy eating, even on a holiday like Halloween. When we give out treats, we can favor healthier varieties in sealed packages. We can veer towards  pretzels,  nuts, popcorn, granola or non-food items. The holiday is two weeks away so we have time to create a solid strategy and stick with it.

An occasional treat is fine, but Halloween invites overkill with days of rationing and bargaining ahead. Giving out healthier options is not trickery. It is simply the smart thing to do.