The Other Kind of Balance

We talked about literally achieving balance in regard to our bodies in last Thursday’s post, but balance can also be a metaphor for life. Balance or the Middle Way in Buddhism, or Aristotle’s Golden Mean, is something that is desirable.

Of course, we don’t need grand philosophical paradigms to know that balance is valuable. We demand balanced budgets. We like to balance our checkbooks. Sometimes we like to balance cups and saucers and other household items just for fun. We like to see if they will fall down or stay put, and we feel good when they stop moving. It is like we accomplished something with just a balancing act.

On a practical level, we talk about achieving work-life balance. So as you make your way through your day today, think about achieving balance in your life. Are you doing too much of one thing, and not enough of another? Next week, we will give you practical tips to help you achieve balance in your life.