The New School Year Means More Time for Movement

The school year is starting. We say goodbye to the hot summer days and the thunderstorms and revel in the cool breezes.  For many of us, fall is a time to enjoy the crisp colorful autumn leaves and the knowledge that school is starting again. After the initial rush of those first few days, the family gets comfortable with a new routine.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, your time suddenly multiplies. Now is good time to commit to a new exercise routine or begin a meditation practice.  Even if you are busy, the new school schedule changes things a bit, and so it is still time to re-examine your plans.

If you are the morning carpool mom, why not walk with the kids instead? The half mile trek to school and the half mile back translates to about fifteen or twenty minutes of moderate exercise. Multiply that times five and you added more than an hour of exercise to your week for something you had to do anyway.

If your kids are too young for school, they can benefit from a walk to the nearest park, and if you have a baby in tow, pushing the carriage helps you burn even more calories.

If you work during the day, take advantage of the weather by walking during your lunch hour. There is a way for all of us to enjoy the season and increase our movement, no matter what our situation.