Surrender: Our Thoughts on Lisa Williams’ Send it Out to the Universe Post

We were reading psychic medium Lisa Williams’ blog post titled “Send it Out to the Universe” where she wrote about the idea of acceptance and surrender. She wrote that surrendering to whatever is happening is very powerful. Lisa went on to explain that sometimes we blow things out of proportion. It is true. At the moment something is occurring, we think that it is the most significant thing that will ever happen to us. Of course, we know that is not true, but that does not get in the way of our obsessing about it.

Still, surrendering seems impossible during difficult times. But if you can get there, surrender can be liberating.  We especially like this line in Lisa’s post: ” …when you just release it, your journey will take you where you need to go, and with who you need to go with. ”

How do you get there when things look dismal? There is no simple solution. Surrendering  is possible only after processing a situation. You are presented with a problem, you think about it, you question the truth of it, you work through it, and you get to a point where you can let it go. Don’t hold tight to negative thoughts, but don’t ignore them either, and realize that distraction does not work.  Work through the issue. Once you have gotten used to the circumstance, thought about it, entertained possible outcomes, and considered potential actions, you will be more inclined to fall into surrender mode.

Surrendering seems almost the opposite of purposefully navigating your life, but that is not true. Live your life by your values, be aligned with your soul’s purpose, and set intentions, but realize that you cannot force things to happen. Simply allow life to unfold like a flower with your eyes wide open and you will get a taste of how to let go.