What is Self-Knowledge?

yogaartworkWe have written tons about self-love and we can continue to write countless blog posts about it, but it means nothing if it does not jolt you awake.

So we want to talk about one simple thing, which is the self-knowledge concept. Our tag line is “know yourself” and the trailer for our first book provides the not so simple message “You know how to lose weight, but how well do you know yourself?”

How can a book change your life?

The message confused people. Why do you need the book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight if you already know how to lose weight? The point is, if you get in touch with your inner self, you will find something much more important. Yes, it is bait and switch. People want to lose weight so they are intrigued by a diet book. But what if the diet book was so much more than just a plan? What if the diet book changed you completely, so much so that weight loss was infinitely easier, no matter which diet you followed?

So what is self-knowledge and why is it so important?

The self-knowledge we write about is that inner knowing, the getting in touch with what is inside of you, the inner light beyond the outer shell, the soul, the invisible thing that peers out of your eye sockets, the thing you know is there but cannot articulate. Self-knowledge is the realization that you are all that is.

“I am all there is” versus “It is all about me”

You are all there is, but you, the you that is all there is, is not the ego. The ego is the part that thinks “it is all about me.” Most of us do live from the ego when we function in the outside world and react to our environment. We feel that the world around us does not understand us nor responds very well to our expectations. But when you get in touch with your inner self, you flip that switch, and the egocentric persona shatters and becomes “I am all there is.”
Your point of origin is then understood as the soul, the center of the self, and you acknowledge that you are the designer of all of your life experiences. When you understand that, you understand that you choose the direction you want your life to take, you have more control, and you learn from every situation and grow. And that realization makes life magnificent, and you become a natural attractor of all the things you desire.


“It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead. If I think too much I can get overwhelmed by the grace by which we live our lives with death over our shoulders. Want you to know that should I go I always love you, held you high above too. I studied your face. The fear goes away.” – Eddie Vedder

heart_clipart_loveWe do not know when we will take our last breath on this planet during this go round and we hardly think about it. And if we ponder the subject of death too much, we begin to worry about every single thing we do.

 We live our lives with this knowledge close to the surface, but at other times we live with reckless abandon. We see death very differently at the beginning of our lives as we feel invincible as children.

Children are closest to the truth of knowing that we are eternal. But as time goes on our egos develop, and we learn to be in the world, and then we realize that as human beings we have an expiration date. And while we realize this with our human minds, ours souls cannot fathom it.

 Did you ever notice that it is impossible for us to imagine we will not exist? Just like we cannot conceive of infinity—though we know it intellectually–we cannot integrate the fact that we will cease. Our human brains simply cannot comprehend that one day everything will stop. And this is because the truth is that everything will not stop. Our essence will always exist.  We are infinite. Our higher-selves unconsciously takes that knowledge to the forefront by prompting us to live each day as if it will never end, which is why we know deep down in our souls that life doesn’t end.

 At the beginning of this post, we quoted lines from Pearl Jam’s Sirens not to accentuate that death looms closely, but to demonstrate the solution for the quandary: Love takes the fear away. We see that as the message underlying the lyrics. Death does not destroy love. Quite the contrary, love laughs at death’s door.  

While the song focuses on death, it actually calls on our inner knowing about love. Love after all is the healing life force we desire, and the fragility of life simply reminds us of its importance.