Welcome 2016!

mountainIt is hard to believe that another year has come to an end.

In 2015, ENoetic Press meetings were often done on the fly, in our precious spare time, and now always with a toddler in tow, but we realize that this is temporary, and  that we will begin to increase our effort as time allows.

That’s how life is. It ebbs and flows. so we had to be flexible.

While we were busy with other things in 2015, we still managed to publish five new blog posts, do a live radio interview, start a new project unlike anything we’ve done before—a novel—and are compiling those resource lists we promised you last year! We are continually coming up with new projects and looking forward to bringing them to fruition. What are you looking forward to?

Think about all you want. Set your intentions. It is a new year and a time for renewal. No worries about resolutions. You don’t have to make them. Just dream the new year into existence with positive thoughts, the things you desire perhaps on a vision board, and as much rest and renewal time you can steal. Winter is here! It is a good time to go within and prepare for all the good things to unfold in 2016.


Today is the first day back to work for many of us. Maybe you were traveling or hosting guests or shopping or just spending time with family, and while the busyness of the Thanksgiving weekend is over, you are not inspired to get back to business.

You may feel uninspired to do anything because you have not taken sufficient time for yourself. You are making the transition from the holiday weekend to an average workday, and that can be difficult.

When you are uninspired, think of it this way: maybe you are inspired to do nothing, and that is something! When you feel like this, take five or ten minutes to just be. By taking time for yourself, you will be enjoying the silent moments.

Revel in the quiet and look for the silence between your thoughts. Cherish boredom. Enjoy the slowness, the stillness, and the lack of activity wherever you find it. These quiet times are always there and noticing them will help to bring moments of peace to the frenzied pace of the holiday. To find it, all you have to do is close your eyes.

Add Color to Your Life

What’s in your closet? Probably a lot of black. After all, everyone knows that black clothing makes you look thinner. But is that what you really want to wear? Why not go red or purple or pink? Even if you are still attached to the little black dress with the matching heels, you can use accent colors. Paint your nails red, use a brighter blush or a new shade of lipstick, or don colorful accessories like bracelets and handbags. So why are we writing about fashion? After all, we are hardly fashionistas. We are writing about this because it is Monday again after all. It is time to get clear about your life. And focusing on color might be just the thing you need to prompt a little bit of inspiration.

We don’t want to focus on personal attire. In fact, you can start with your surroundings. Your living spaces—at home and at work—should nourish your soul. Are your walls white? Are they blank? Could they use a little color or a few pictures? You don’t have to go crazy like Laura Linney’s character on Showtime’s The Big C who graffitied an entire wall to express herself. Painting one bedroom wall light blue or turning your dining room crimson will do a lot to change your space and your mood.

You may not want to do anything drastic or expensive right now. We hear you. Simply buy a small bunch of fresh tulips and put them in a vase, or place red delicious apples, yellow bananas, and orange Clementines in a bowl on the kitchen counter. And consider color in your cooking. What can you do to create a colorful plate? Making food appetizing is half the battle to serving a satisfying meal. Add red, green, orange, and yellow peppers to an omelet instead of just one kind and place it on a colorful plate.

Altering the color palettes in your life will help you to live one that is a bit more exciting and a little less drab. What do you do to add color to your life?