Who do you want to be?

Halloween is not just for kids. In fact, adults attend Halloween parties as the day gives us permission to be whoever we want. Some people shy away from the invitation to dress up, avoiding the call to make choices. Others are drawn to it, putting on outrageous outfits because it is fun and it makes them feel good.

Halloween really does give us all the opportunity to be something we are not. It gives us the opportunity to get behind a mask while allowing our personalities to shine through.

This Halloween, why not dress up as something you want to be? Even if you are home alone just opening the door for Trick-or -Treaters, you can have fun too!

Use Your Imagination

Last week, we discussed our capacity as human beings, and that we are more capable than we think. This week, we talk about imagination, that illusive part of us that allows us to create whatever we want.

So imagine your life exactly as you want it to be. Your imagination can take you anywhere, and remember, anything that anyone has created started in the mind. It takes a human being to think in this manner, and while we are all capable of using imagination for our best interests, many of us use our minds to think about things we want to change or even to worry about the things we cannot do anything about.

To create the life you want, don’t think of altering something you already have. Start from scratch. Don’t think that you want to purchase a home in your price range with low taxes. Imagine the home of your dreams, decorated exactly as you like it, and what you will be doing in it. It costs nothing more to imagine a perfect abode than it does to think about a home for which you would settle.

You might think that this exercise is impractical, but think of it this way: what you think about in your mind’s eye will get you closer to what you know you want. When you get really clear about your desires, you just might find that you do have the capacity to achieve them!

Human Capacity

On some level, it seems as if we only have a certain capacity. We can only love so much, only feel so much pain, only run so fast or jump so high, and we can only handle so much responsibility. Eventually, we will reach our breaking point or we will cease to exist. But of course, historically, human beings have broken barriers. Two hundred years ago, who thought anyone would ever go to the moon? Who thought we would be communicating via machines? Even in our physical bodies, we are outrunning and out-lifting what early man could. At least, new Olympic records are set every year.

It seems as if our capacity is growing. Still, many of us imagine that we have boundaries. As human beings, our capacity to handle things , and to accomplish goals, is likely more than we think. We perceive ourselves as having boundaries, but we have something to help us break through those boundaries, which is the imagination. Next week, we talk about how to use your imagination to create the life you want.