Are you successful?

jacket picMost people want to be successful, but what is success? For many, it is about the things they own, their personal status, or how much money they make.

The Definition of Success

Some measure success as if it should follow an upward path, and improve with each passing year. They see it as perhaps being in the right place financially for their age, or at least having the right title. They feel they should be at a certain level of affluence by a certain point in their lives. Others do not give much credence to the path, but rather see success as equated with assets.

How high on the ladder do you need to climb, or how much do you need to own to consider yourself a success?

We say that you don’t need to climb any ladder, and you don’t need to own a thing. The above definitions of success are flawed. Society has conditioned us to follow our egoic longings and so we continue to want more. When we are in the process of pursuing the American Dream, we do have some satisfaction, but a sense of dissatisfaction often emerges.

Success is Happiness

Instead of thinking about what it will take for you to be successful, think about this: When asked what people really want, they generally say they just want to be happy. They think that society’s definition of success will make them happy, but what they really want is to experience joy as much as possible. Make sense?

So success is feeling joy most of the time. While perhaps easier to attain than something outside of yourself, it does take some practice. To be happy, we have to train ourselves to think differently.

How to be Happy  

We have to unlearn some of society’s programming. But to do this, we only have to do two things. One, we must be grateful each day for what we do have, including the people in our lives.  Two, we must connect with our higher selves so that we become comfortable in that inner space and experience who we really are.  When we are satisfied with our choices, are appreciative of all we have, and are in touch with our true selves, we will move toward happiness and create a very successful life.

What will you manifest in 2015?


Life happens, but looking more closely, we do participate in the direction our lives take us. It may be that certain things are fated, and there are world events that are beyond our control. But we create our lives.


We can manifest our desires if we really believe hard enough, so what do you want for the coming year?

Think about your life right now. What works? What doesn’t? What improvements do you want to make?

Go ahead. Make a list. Then take five minutes to do the following exercise.

Experience the Feeling

 Remember a time when you were really happy.

Remember that time, and experience the feeling now.

Do you know what we are talking about? It is the feeling that gives us wings, that feeling that anything is possible, that feeling that nothing can be better than what is happening right now. It is the ultimate high. Sit until you remember such a time.

Next, start reaching for the experiences that make you feel that way. What experiences do you think will bring joy to your life? Write them down.

Set intentions now, and believe with unwearied faith that it is happening. Then let go of the “how” it will manifest and be open to opportunities. Expect the best of what the universe has for you and you will surely achieve your dreams.

Revel in the possibilities.

Follow With Action

While syncing yourself with the universe will help attract the very things you need into your life, your acceptance as well as your actions will of course make a tremendous difference as to whether the things you want materialize.

You need not—nor would you want to—muster discipline or significantly change your environment without the proper inspiration. Think about the things you desire. That desire will take you far as it will not only change your vibration, it will put your goals at the forefront of your conscious mind.

Whether you dream your desires into existence, or get something better, or simply lose your desire for a coveted thing, growth will take place. No matter what happens, you win!

You can help co-create your reality through various forms of meditation, visualization, making a vision board, chanting or using a mantra, surrendering, reaching for better feeling thoughts, or through lucid dreaming and other methods of self-exploration.  Want to know more about these kinds of topics?

Throughout 2015 we will be posting resources on Facebook: book lists, links to articles and more information on how to get started. And feel free to post here, on Facebook, on Twitter or on Goodreads, and ask us ANYTHING! We mean it!

Set your goals for 2015

So set your intentions now.  The new year is a great time to do that! You don’t have to know how your desires will materialize, only that you want them to, and then ensure that your feelings match your desires. That’s all it takes! And remember, whatever materializes or doesn’t, it is really about the journey, how much you grow, and how much you learn about yourself.


happyWe recently shared some of the joyful events in our lives, and while they were events we looked forward to for many months, they did come and go rather quickly.

That is life.  We plan and look forward to certain periods of time. The excitement escalates and finally, the event is here, but the happiness we feel never lasts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could capture those moments and take them out whenever we felt like? Actually, we can. In Positive Psychology, they call it savoring.

 Do This Exercise

Think of something you look forward to every year, or think about a significant happy time that has already passed. The event could be anything: a vacation, a wedding, a party, the holidays.

Now close your eyes and think about the experience. What do you see? What emotions are you experiencing? Hold the memory for a few seconds. As much as possible, imagine yourself in the scene as if it were happening right now.

How do you feel?

You are probably feeling pretty good right now because thoughts have a significant effect on mood. The brain doesn’t know the difference between an event we are actually living and one we hold and live in our minds. And our bodies adjust and react according to what we are feeding the brain. Biofeedback, the technique used to help us get in touch with our bodies, is actually based on this principle.

With the use of biofeedback equipment, an individual learns how to recognize physiological reactions to thoughts and emotions. This awareness helps the subject modify responses to the environment, something that can enhance physical health, psychological health, and athletic performance.

How to be Happier

But you don’t need a machine to provide feedback. First, go within and experience your emotions.  Then, do the exercise. The more happy thoughts you think, the better you will feel.