Synchronicity and our “How to Meditate” Blog Post

The last time we wrote, we wrote on meditation. This was pivotal for us because this is the essence of what we teach. We posted it the afternoon of March 1st and that evening we visited a website and found a blog post with the identical title.

Our first thoughts were that this was an event of synchronicity, and these are things that happen all the time, but this was a little different.

The back-story begins several months ago when Sandrine told Rhonda about a website called The Daily Love. It was one of those things that Sandrine really wanted to investigate and Rhonda did take a look at it. But we had many things to do and it was put on the back burner.

Fast-forward to February 17, 2013 and we met this blog’s founder. Now, that reality would not be so unusual if Sandrine had said that Mastin Kipp was speaking and she wanted to see him, but what happened is that Rhonda was going to the Hay House I Can Do It event in NYC on February 16th and 17th with a friend. Rhonda went on the 16th but her friend could not go on the 17th so Sandrine went in her place. Rhonda had the program and was aware of the list of speakers but did not initially make the connection between Mastin Kipp and The Daily Love. When Mastin appeared on stage, Sandrine was very excited to see that he was there and insisted that we meet him afterwards.

The synchronicity does not stop there. Mastin told us that they were looking for bloggers at The Daily Love. When we wrote this meditation blog, Sandrine said maybe this would be a good post for The Daily Love, but Rhonda said it would be good to post it on our site so it is there when they visit. Again, we have many blog posts, but this was a very special post for us.

That evening, Rhonda visited The Daily Love and noticed that Gabrielle Bernstein had posted a blog with the identical title on the very same day! Gabrielle also spoke at the convention and Rhonda saw her on the 16th. Gabrielle’s talk was not on meditation. Now, The Daily Love features many bloggers from all walks of life, but on this day, for the meditation post, a speaker from the I Can Do It convention who Rhonda happened to see was featured. Gabrielle Bernstein’s post was titled How to Meditate, but it was a vblog and its message was very different from our post.

That ideas come from the universe and are not from the ego is clear. The title of our blog was chosen quickly. We did not even discuss it. The blog was on how to meditate and that is what we called it. It is simple. The synchronicity surrounding the event seems complicated, but in some way, it is very simple too. We are all connected. We all experience the same creative force. Material that is supposed to come forth in this time space reality will come forth through a number of people. And while we experience synchronicity so often in our daily lives, we thought this one was important to share.