The last time we posted was on the day that Hurricane Sandy was expected to arrive. Not knowing the impact that this storm would have on our area, we wrote about Halloween. Sandy—nicknamed Frankenstorm– made a big entrance, so much so that Halloween was virtually cancelled in the state of New Jersey.

The impact of Sandy is unprecedented. We personally consider ourselves fortunate to have come though the storm with only minimal impact, but many people affected by the storm have not been so lucky. Many communities here are still experiencing widespread power outages, downed wires, severely damaged or uninhabitable homes, and loss of life. We realize that this same scenario is playing out in other East Coast communities. Sandy’s wrath has been enormous.

While dismal images unfold, glimmers of hope are found in the generosity and caring that has been expressed by the numerous efforts in the affected communities. No matter what our losses, or lack of loss, we are all in this together and the recent storm has magnified this sense of unity.

Although we have personally gotten through the storm unscathed, the chaotic aftermath and the power loss has prompted us to take some time to regroup before we start blogging routinely again.

We will be back soon and we know that the next time we post, things will have gotten a little bit better. For now, we send love and light and peace your way.