Revamping the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Do you lick the peanut butter spoon when you make your kids’ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Did you know that there are about 95 calories in a tablespoon of peanut butter? This means that if you consume a spoon of peanut butter 37 times in the course of a year, that’s equivalent to 3515 calories. So conceivably, licking the peanut butter spoon while you prepare your child’s lunch can see a pound of weight gain in a year’s time. This does not mean you should forgo peanut butter. We just want you to be conscious and deliberate when you do.

For yourself and for your children, it pays to reflect on the old PB & J stand-by. Today, it is easy to find natural peanut butter. Just read the labels. Choose a brand that contains the least amount of ingredients. The primary ingredient of course should be peanuts and the fewer other ingredients the better. Or make your own variety. Miraval’s Mindful Eating cookbook cuts the calories practically in half with its recipe that relies on organic peanut butter mixed with carrots as its only ingredients.

Switch up the jelly with a fruit spread, a thinly sliced banana, or raisins. Then, substitute the white bread with a multi-grain sandwich thin. If you are home, you might want to toast a piece of whole grain bread to create a hot peanut butter sandwich. What’s on the side? Swap the bag of chips for a crisp apple or a juicy orange. And use your imagination. Peanut butter goes with everything!