Question Your Beliefs

To get to know yourself better, question your beliefs. When you recognize a belief, question whether you know it at your core, or whether it is something that someone told you about yourself. Think about what you believe and where the beliefs come from. Likely, they are attached to your religion, your parents’ beliefs, and the influence of community leaders or teachers. However, if you have already done work in this area, and are in touch with your inner self, the knowledge about yourself may be accurate.

We all grow up with beliefs that emerge from our culture and other environmental influences, but we sometimes fabricate beliefs based on a single incident. Did someone tell you that you were shy when you were a small child? Did you believe them? People label children all the time and they grow up to maintain false beliefs about themselves. Of course, this phenomenon is not limited to childhood. Does your mother still tell you that you are selfish, or does your boss insinuate that you will never be promoted? If you believe that such criticisms are true, they will become a part of your belief system.

The truth is that you have the power to define yourself today. You do not have to blindly believe people’s perceptions about you. Rather, question what someone says about you. Question the beliefs you grew up with. When you go through this type of fearless inquiry, you often discover that some of your beliefs are not really yours. When we believe something about ourselves that is not true, it holds us back from creating the life we want. So for true growth to take place, we must only keep the beliefs that serve us, and let go of the rest. Tearing through your belief system, knowing who you really are, and integrating your true likes and dislikes, helps you to make better decisions.

Finally, choose to live in a way that resonates with you based upon what you know to be true. When you do this, you shed limiting beliefs and embrace the qualities that are in alignment with your authentic self.