Put Yourself First

We tend to focus on trivial things. We neglect what is truly necessary for our best selves. Going to work, taking care of our family’s needs, and tending to social obligations often leaves us little time to devote to self-care.

Even if we schedule time for a workout, or sign up for a yoga class, the intention may not be fulfilled because it seems that unexpected events thwart our efforts.

So we have to make that mental shift to put ourselves first. The oxygen mask analogy — we give ourselves oxygen before helping others– fits here.

You may think that going to the gym is secondary, but think about how good you feel when you are done.  Of course, taking care of your body is more than exercise. It is equated with sleep and relaxation, drinking enough water, eating the right foods, going to the doctor when you are ill, and not pushing yourself beyond what your body is telling you.

Putting yourself first is the most important thing you can do.  So put yourself first and you will probably see that you can better meet your obligations!