Le Bon Sens

Le Bon Sens is a weight loss program developed by Sandrine based on our book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight. At the present time, this program is only available in New Jersey.

The Le Bon Sens Philosophy

Integrative Holistic Wellness Coaching is about becoming wellness aware, getting to know ourselves better and getting the right information.

Le Bon Sens is a French term that translates to the right way. Losing weight the right way—not with pills or gimmicky diets – is a permanent solution to keeping it off for the long term by learning the essentials of weight loss and maintenance. Not only that, it will be easy. Unlike some programs, this one teaches you how to build a good foundation that supports general well-being through the integration of holistic health.

This program encompasses the core values of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. During this short program–only 8 weeks– weight loss will be a by-product of a focus on overall wellness.

When you implement the program, you will learn the shortcuts to achieving a healthier you by learning to plan and develop meaningful strategies while assessing and resetting as you experience weekly positive changes.

This program is not a one size fits all approach to wellness. You will be creating and customizing the program to fit your unique needs. By the end of this program you will have gained a new perspective on yourself and understand the natural way to well-being. You will by that time know how to eat anywhere, anytime.

An Overview of the Le Bon Sens Eight Week Program

The Le Bon Sens Program is an eight week weight loss plan, where each session includes specific lessons, homework assignments, and a gradual move toward desirable weight. Conducted in a classroom setting, this unique approach to weight loss is equated with immediate benefits in terms of motivation, education, stress reduction, improved nutrition, and general wellness.

An overview of areas covered in the context of this program is as follows:


Participants meet once per week as they learn how to build a good foundation that supports general well-being through the integration of holistic health.


A food plan is carefully explained and customized for each participant.


The active portion of the program is described and specific exercises are demonstrated.


Measurements are taken at the beginning and end of the program so that the participant is able to track results throughout the sessions.


At the conclusion of the program, participants have learned what is working for them. They have the motivation and knowledge to practice a healthy lifestyle for weight loss success.

For more information on Sandrine’s work as a holistic coach, and more about Le Bon Sens, visit her website.