Prioritizing to Reach Your Goals

Last week, we talked about the inspiring Olympians and why you too should go after your passions.

The athletes give up so many things to be able to spend time in training, and they and their families often make sacrifices to pay for it. Think about it. Is there something you would like to do that you put off because you do not have the time or money?

First, in order to reach your goals, prioritization is important. There are only 24 hours in a day, so sometimes choosing to do several things does not leave enough time to do one thing really well. The Olympic athletes stop doing other things they enjoy for four years in order to set their sights on one goal.

Now, make a list of your passions. Is there one activity that stands out? If so, you may want to put off some of the other things you usually do while you achieve that one purpose. Focus on one goal this year, for example, and another goal next year. Remember, over the course of your life, you will be able to achieve many things. So devoting time to a passion now will leave time for other pursuits in the future.