Coping With Change

bench-forest-trees-path-largeWe are averse to change. As thinking human beings, we strive to keep our worlds the same.

We live in bubbles as we take care of our families, our vehicles, and our homes. A small thing—an inconvenient illness, a flat tire, a burst pipe—can put us into a tailspin. So how can we handle change without turning a situation into a crisis?

We may not have control over things that happen, but we can control how we handle them. We can control our thinking.

pexels-photoThought Control

Sometimes, our minds run rampant and turn the smallest thing into a potential nightmare.  For example, we get a flat tire and realize we will be late for work. What if we get fired? What if we can’t make rent? Our thoughts take on a life of their own, but the reality is that we are just experiencing a temporary setback.

Our thoughts sometimes make our experiences appear more dramatic than they actually are.  So when we find ourselves in a downward spiral, we ought to question whether the thoughts we are thinking are true, or whether we are worrying about something that will probably never happen.

benchphotoLife Can Be Easy

Anything—and we mean anything– that erupts in life is temporary. Whatever we worry about today will surely morph into something else once again.

So it makes sense to put ourselves first, and when an inconvenient situation arises, raise our awareness and decide on an appropriate response. Do we allow that situation to affect our whole day and cause stress, or do we simply take care of it without adding negative emotions so we can feel good about the day?

Whatever we are going through, we ought to eat well, take rest, sleep enough, and sprinkle exercise and sunshine into our days. Plus, carving out some time to fill a soul need can add pleasure to even the most melancholy periods.

The Introvert Myth

imagesThe world wants us to believe that there are two kinds of people: introverts and extroverts. Introverts prefer alone time and extroverts thrive on social contact. But the truth is that humans are social creatures. We all need social contact. And as spiritual beings, we need quiet time, or time to connect with our higher selves.

Every individual is unique and each has different preferences. If you label yourself an introvert as an excuse not to connect with people, you may want to re-examine your thinking. Distancing can thrust you into periods of loneliness and deprive you of human contact that aids personal growth. Similarly, if you label yourself an extrovert and are never alone, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to get to know yourself.

Balance is key to any successful life. Some alone time. Some time with others.  But never feel pressured to shift the balance based on the advice of others or based on what you think you are supposed to do. Get in touch with your inner self, which provides all the guidance you will ever need.

Three Diet Rules You Should Break Now

free_2525952Diet Rule One: Weigh Yourself Daily

Many people weigh themselves every day when dieting so they can see the downward trend. It is motivating, at least at first, but eventually weight loss will slow down. That’s natural. And you don’t want to derail your plans because you gain a pound or two of water weight. We recommend weighing yourself just once each month. This way, you are free from the scale most of the time, but you will still be able to monitor your progress.

Diet Rule Two: Exclude Bad Foods from Your Diet

There are no bad foods. Some are healthier than others and we do recommend that you move toward a healthy normal, but deprivation is not the answer to a sustained weight loss. To keep losing weight while not depriving yourself of the foods you love, eat your favorites in moderation. Some of you might say we don’t understand. If you could eat in moderation, you would. You always eat the whole bag of chips or you feel you need the Supersized meal. But we say, we get it. We do understand. We know that once you change your mind, your thinking will be totally different! And the weight will just melt off while you are enjoying the foods you love.

Diet Rule Three: Start Your Diet on Monday

Why wait? Wait–why diet? Dieting doesn’t work. So implement a healthy lifestyle and do it right away! You may need to do a bit of planning before actually starting a program, but changing your thinking can start now! Some of our readers have reported that they started to lose weight by just reading the book, and before implementing any of our recommendations.

In our book, we provide an anecdote where we dispel the myth that you need to change your outside circumstances to accommodate an eating plan. Rather, you can just adapt your food choices to your current lifestyle. No worries about going to that party and feeling deprived. You can enjoy your life while losing weight! If you would like more information about our holistic approach to weight loss, visit

Connecting With Your Inner Self

You meditate or do yoga. You may have a daily spiritual practice. Or maybe you do nothing to connect with your higher self, but have been meaning to do so. Here are some great ways to do just that!


Pay attention to thoughts and belief patterns

Do you think about the same things over and over again? Do you find yourself thinking that your thoughts are re-runs and they only make you angry or sad? These thoughts are attached to beliefs you learned somewhere along the way. Question every thought that goes through your head. Is it accurate? If not, lose that thought and replace it with an affirmation that will make you feel better.

Learn to be and create space

We are often busy and feel we must be doing something or we are wasting time. Well, meditation can help you create space. When you sit and become quiet, you get in touch with your higher self, and this helps to open your mind so you can let go of the angst and the chaos. Doing this clears the slate so you can begin to think more creatively and solve problems rather than letting them fester.

Ask why a situation presents itself

 Many life lessons are not easy experiences, but they can be rewarding when we get to the other side of them. People going through difficult experiences with loss or disappointment may become sad and do not look for the redeeming factors. So the next time something bad happens to you, ask what you are learning about yourself from the situation. How can you grow from the situation?

Go Inside

Connecting with your inner self, or becoming more spiritual, is about self knowledge. It is about questioning your life. It is about looking within and not looking back, because the answers to all of your problems are inside of you.

What will you manifest in 2015?


Life happens, but looking more closely, we do participate in the direction our lives take us. It may be that certain things are fated, and there are world events that are beyond our control. But we create our lives.


We can manifest our desires if we really believe hard enough, so what do you want for the coming year?

Think about your life right now. What works? What doesn’t? What improvements do you want to make?

Go ahead. Make a list. Then take five minutes to do the following exercise.

Experience the Feeling

 Remember a time when you were really happy.

Remember that time, and experience the feeling now.

Do you know what we are talking about? It is the feeling that gives us wings, that feeling that anything is possible, that feeling that nothing can be better than what is happening right now. It is the ultimate high. Sit until you remember such a time.

Next, start reaching for the experiences that make you feel that way. What experiences do you think will bring joy to your life? Write them down.

Set intentions now, and believe with unwearied faith that it is happening. Then let go of the “how” it will manifest and be open to opportunities. Expect the best of what the universe has for you and you will surely achieve your dreams.

Revel in the possibilities.

Follow With Action

While syncing yourself with the universe will help attract the very things you need into your life, your acceptance as well as your actions will of course make a tremendous difference as to whether the things you want materialize.

You need not—nor would you want to—muster discipline or significantly change your environment without the proper inspiration. Think about the things you desire. That desire will take you far as it will not only change your vibration, it will put your goals at the forefront of your conscious mind.

Whether you dream your desires into existence, or get something better, or simply lose your desire for a coveted thing, growth will take place. No matter what happens, you win!

You can help co-create your reality through various forms of meditation, visualization, making a vision board, chanting or using a mantra, surrendering, reaching for better feeling thoughts, or through lucid dreaming and other methods of self-exploration.  Want to know more about these kinds of topics?

Throughout 2015 we will be posting resources on Facebook: book lists, links to articles and more information on how to get started. And feel free to post here, on Facebook, on Twitter or on Goodreads, and ask us ANYTHING! We mean it!

Set your goals for 2015

So set your intentions now.  The new year is a great time to do that! You don’t have to know how your desires will materialize, only that you want them to, and then ensure that your feelings match your desires. That’s all it takes! And remember, whatever materializes or doesn’t, it is really about the journey, how much you grow, and how much you learn about yourself.