Our Christmas Wish

imgresIn the December 2013 issue of Natural Awakenings magazine, Eckhart Tolle suggested that the verbiage Jesus used may appear outdated by today’s standards.  In the article, Eckhart Tolle is quoted as follows: “I think if he lived nowadays, instead of ‘kingdom,’ he would have said, ‘dimension.’ And ‘heaven’ refers to a sense of vastness or spaciousness. So if we retranslate the words of Jesus into modern terms, [it would be] ‘the dimension of spaciousness is within you.'”

One point to take away from this is that there is sometimes misunderstanding between people who declare different beliefs when in the end, much of what they believe is quite similar.

It is often said that the world religions have a core commonality. They all are tied to a single God or source energy or consciousness or whatever you’d like to call it. There is a case to be made that while there is diversity of thought and belief, there is a common denominator that unites us all.

We may or may not be able to intellectualize this, but we know it. It is the space between our thoughts, it is the unspoken void, the silence, the nothingness, the thing we cannot grasp, but we have all experienced it.

There is sometimes seeming disagreement between world philosophies and religions, but there need not be.  As Christmas draws near, let us look for agreement rather than disagreement, harmony rather than discord, and peace rather than fighting.