Not Getting Results at the Gym? Maybe You Need to Up the Level of Intensity (Part 3 of 4)

Are you going to the gym but feel like you are not making any progress? Have you done everything you can when it comes to exercise and are still not feeling fit? First, examine how much effort you put into your routine. Are you sitting on the stationary bicycle while reading a book or talking on the phone. Really?

When you exercise, work out hard. Focus on what you are doing. Check your heart rate. Is it going up at all? Are you visualizing the muscles you are working? Do you feel good when you finish your workout? These are questions you should be asking yourself and you know the right answers. If you go to the gym but feel as if you are not getting a good workout, you might need a personal trainer to address the issue, or you might need to just really look at what you are doing.

If you are on the elliptical machine but your heart rate only goes up to 110, you may not be working out hard enough. Before you increase your effort, do check with your physician, particularly if you have health concerns. But if you have a clean bill of health, do try to ramp up your activity level. The amount of effort you put into your routine will reward you with the desirable body you want to create. Next week, we tackle the issue of weight loss. If part of your goal is to lose weight, you will want to read that post!