Motivation is all about going within

Connecting with your inner self gives you all the guidance you need to find the motivation to take care of your body. The motivation in part comes from experiential knowledge because feelings are attached to our experiences. When you experience something and feel good about it, that will encourage you to repeat the experience. As an example, the more you exercise, the more you are motivated to exercise.

Motivation is not an outside job. There is nothing you can buy. There are not enough motivational CDs on the planet that will get you to that place. You have to do it for yourself.

Get to know yourself. Know how you are thinking and how you are feeling. Your thoughts affect your emotions. Your emotions affect your thoughts. If you are thinking that you will never lose weight, you won’t. What you tell yourself is attached to how motivated you become.

Get familiar with your thoughts and your feelings and you will know yourself better. In our book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight, we help you to connect with your inner self. Taking that inner journey will help you to create the motivation you need to change your life.