Losing Weight is an Individual Journey

There are many diet plans on the market today. Some involve camaraderie with others, weighing in on a weekly basis, drinking special shakes or eating prepared meals, and while some women are successful on these programs, realize that you are a unique individual. Some diets or exercise programs will work for you, and some won’t.

People tend to say that a diet plan works or doesn’t work, but that is not true. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with engaging in a program, but there is nothing special about any one program either. The results are yours. Own that. Don’t give credit to the developers of a diet program. You are the one who lost the weight. You simply used a tool and applied it successfully. Good for you!

We are all different. We can determine what the best foods are for us based on our tastes, our medical history, our willingness to embrace healthy eating, and what feels right.

In our book Change Your Mind: Lose Weight we offer a variety of tools that address nutrition, emotional eating, movement, and the inner journey. The tools are malleable. You choose them based on your circumstances. You need not alter your circumstances to fit the tools. Rather, you choose the tools based on your life.

The beauty of our program is that when the knowledge is simply applied, the results are tremendous and they are lasting.  This is because the results are from something only you could have created. If you take away only one point from this post, it should be this: you have the knowledge inside you to lose weight. You simply need to uncover it!