Look Your Best for the Holidays

Sometimes, you look in the mirror and see a strong, capable beautiful woman, but a few minutes later, you notice the flaws, do the faux facelift maneuver, and wonder why you suddenly look so bad.

The answer is simple. We don’t look great one minute and awful the next. It may be that turning our heads one way, or tilting it another, can result in a better look, but most likely the reason why we see beauty one moment and ugliness in the next has to do with our feelings.

As you put on your makeup and clothing, what do you say to yourself? Do you have a negative inner dialog going on? Are you worried about a future situation? Even thinking about something that might go wrong can chip away at self-esteem. When you realize that you can handle anything that comes your way, the positive outlook will provide strength and likely result in a more positive self-perception.

Of course, building to that level of confidence takes time, but  beauty begins on the inside. Nurturing ourselves, loving ourselves and believing in ourselves is what lets our inner brilliance shine.