Listen to Your Body

 If there is one theme that we really want to promote, it is that every individual is unique, and that every physical body is unique. Therefore, rather than just listening to us—or to diet gurus—listen to yourself.

 It is not only through meditation that you get to know yourself—although that is a good way—it is also through just noticing how you feel, what you want to eat, how you want your body to move, and the habits to which you are attached.

Start with a blank slate. It is best not to think static thoughts like “I always eat fast food for lunch.” When lunchtime arrives, ask yourself whether you are hungry. If you are, then ask yourself what your body craves. It just may be the fast food you think you want, but it may be something else.  Getting in touch with our bodies, how they feel, how they want to move, when they want to rest, and what they want as nourishment is key to really finding balance and is helpful in discovering an ideal weight.