Let’s Feed Santa Healthy Snacks Tonight

Many of us have been raised with the belief in Santa Claus, but as children age, they lose that certainty.

Many children eventually dismiss Santa as a fiction because they reason, how can he be at two places at once? A child may have seen Santa at one mall, and then at another mall, within a short time span. Or a child may  use logic to discern that Santa travels all over the world in one night. It seems impossible!

Of course, what appears to be a logical explanation for the multiple Santas—that actors are dressed up to play Santa Claus –is not the only one. Another explanation has philosophical roots, but the concept has been supported by quantum theory. It is called bilocation.

Bilocation, or multilocation, is an idea that helps to explain why angels and Saints have the ability to be in more than one place at one time. It  is a concept that human beings find hard to fathom, but it does help to support Santa’s implausible activities.

Now, for more practical matters. We don’t believe in deprivation, but we know Santa eats a lot of cookies. We suggest leaving out some crudités or fruit instead.

As Santa nibbles his way around the globe, we know he will be getting plenty of exercise. Shimmying your way down millions of chimneys burns calories, and if he eats right, he will be healthier and maybe lose some of that belly fat! Of course, the transition will not happen overnight so we are sure he will still be his jolly old self on Christmas Day.

We wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a very Merry Christmas!