It’s that time of year again

Now is the time that the children go back to school, the kids go back to college, the days become shorter and cooler, and we either dive head first into exercise because we are back from our August vacations, or we become too busy to get to the gym.

If you are in the latter category, think about this: if you have school age children, you do make time to go to meetings for your children’s sport teams. You may be a soccer mom or a wrestling parent and help in fund-raising endeavors. At the very least, you cheer them on when they play. You tell them that winning isn’t everything. It is playing and engaging in the sport that infuses camaraderie and contributes to growing healthy bodies.

You do it for your children. Why not do it for yourself? There are adult sport teams out there. These team members do not go door to door to raise funds and you will not see them in front of supermarkets selling candy bars, but the teams are there. You just have to do a little digging to find them.

So pick a sport, find a team, and join. If you cannot find one, why not start a league of your own? In 2012, turn things upside down: join a team and invite your kids to cheer you on!