It’s Not the End of the World

As December 21, 2012 approaches, there are fears of the world ending, but these are largely misplaced. While some philosophers theorize that because the Mayan calendar reaches its end this Friday that the world will, others see it merely as a stepping-stone to a new, spiritually mature era. The latter prediction makes more sense as there is evidence that we, as human begins, are growing.

The entire world has changed. Communication and transportation has quickly accelerated over the decades, and this rapid growth is coming to a seeming end. After all, how much faster and smaller can computers get? But aside from technological growth, there is human growth with the rise of new leadership paradigms in the business  and political worlds and a more giving, less egocentric, compassionate society.

If you are thinking that the world will end on Friday, think of this: when you wake up on Saturday morning, it will be a brand new beginning. You have a second chance to do something extraordinary with your life. We know the world is not going to end, so we plan to take advantage of the Winter Solstice energy as we look forward to 2013.