If you want to lose weight, DO NOT make it your New Year’s resolution!

bookAccording to Forbes.com, just 8% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions.  And we believe that one of the reasons behind this—at least as far as dieting is concerned– is that losing weight is a process, and not an event. So if you have been stocking up on celery and carrot sticks and determined to lose X amount of pounds by a certain date in 2015, stop now.  Did you really think this through?

Why Past Attempts Failed

Think of all the weight loss attempts you made in the past. Did those sudden, frenzied tries result in permanent weight loss? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t be contemplating it again.  In our book Change Your Mind : Lose Weight, we explain the importance of your beliefs and thought patterns. If you did not change your thinking in the past, it is not surprising that your weight loss results were temporary.

It’s All About Changing Your Mind

It is important to get your mind ready for weight loss.  In our book, we explain how your thoughts enter the picture and how you can control your Monkey Mind so it does not influence your eating. We also show you how to conquer emotional eating through emotional intelligence. And really, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What Our Program Will Do For You

Our program is different. Some of our readers reported that the change in mindset occurred simply by reading the first chapters, even before they began to take action. The book also provides the tools needed to eat healthfully and to exercise in a way that is enjoyable. Most important, there is no deprivation. No foods are bad foods! So on January 1st there is no need to clear the cupboards. And with a multitude of coaching exercises, owning this book is almost like having your own personal life coach in your pocket.

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There has never been a better time to lose that weight for good. Just don’t do it without the proper planning such a life-changing experience deserves.

Instead of making half-hearted attempts at weight loss for which you are unprepared, make a commitment to read Change Your Mind: Lose Weight in 2015 and apply its painless principles until you achieve your weight loss goal.