Human Capacity

On some level, it seems as if we only have a certain capacity. We can only love so much, only feel so much pain, only run so fast or jump so high, and we can only handle so much responsibility. Eventually, we will reach our breaking point or we will cease to exist. But of course, historically, human beings have broken barriers. Two hundred years ago, who thought anyone would ever go to the moon? Who thought we would be communicating via machines? Even in our physical bodies, we are outrunning and out-lifting what early man could. At least, new Olympic records are set every year.

It seems as if our capacity is growing. Still, many of us imagine that we have boundaries. As human beings, our capacity to handle things , and to accomplish goals, is likely more than we think. We perceive ourselves as having boundaries, but we have something to help us break through those boundaries, which is the imagination. Next week, we talk about how to use your imagination to create the life you want.