How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

imgres-1Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? The typical thinking is that this year something is going to be different and that we have a chance to start new. We are filled with the hope that things are going to be better. We will make it happen this time!

It is important to understand that there is a big difference between resolving to do something and setting an intention. A resolution is infused with obligation. When we resolve to do something, we are clinging to a hard and difficult energy, while setting an intention seems light and attainable.

When we make a resolution, or try to force something to happen, it never works because we are going against the current and that creates resistance, but if we simply set intentions by thinking about the changes we want to make, the ideas will seep into our life experiences.  Thinking about what we want to do is much more pleasant than feeling as if we must do something.

Holding tight to a resolve, clinging to the outcome, desiring something so much we have to have it will be sure to render that thing unattainable. If we want to make something happen, creating and implementing small steps, while enjoying the experience, is the way to go.

Simply dream your life into being by thinking about what makes you happy. What makes you smile? What do you want right this second? What will make your life a little bit easier? What is your ideal environment? What is your ideal you?  You get the picture. Think it. See it.  Allow it to happen without feeling compelled to make it happen. It’s simple.

So start this New Year off right by not making resolutions but rather, by creating the life you really want.