How to Achieve Balance in Your Life

We discussed the possibilities of work-life balance and how people do crave balance in their lives. Author Richard Bolles talks about the idea that most people go through three defined periods in their lives of school, work, and retirement in his book The Three Boxes of Life. That he calls them boxes does suggest that these are limitations and in fact, his book talks about how to get out of them.

Think about your personal life in categories. You may want to label them as work, play, education, family, self-care, and then list individual relationships or individual passions. Once you are done creating a personalized list of your life categories, write each one on an index card. Now, open your piggy bank and take out 112 pennies. That is how many hours you have in a week after you account for eight hours of sleep per night. If you sleep fewer or more hours, adjust the count accordingly. Put the amount of pennies (waking hours) you believe you spend in each category.

Then, ask yourself which categories you are neglecting, and which you are investing too much time in. Simply move the pennies around to balance your life. It is that easy.