How Fragrance Can Enhance Your Life

The expression “stop and smell the roses” is not perhaps meant to be taken literally as much as it is meant to point you toward being in the moment, but when we think about it, scent is important, and roses are especially fragrant.

Our fondest memories elicit remembrances of food in our grandmothers’ ovens. Whenever we smell something that reminds us of her cooking, we are immediately brought back to her kitchen. We also love the smell of the ocean, fresh-cut grass and suntan lotion.

Truly distasteful smells often come at us out of nowhere—like the smell of skunk or a cow pasture—and we have little control. But we do have some control over the scent in our lives. We can boil cinnamon and vanilla on the stove. We can buy fresh-cut flowers—the kind with the most pungent scents—and we can place them in a room we frequently inhabit. Scented candles enhance the ambiance of our homes and wearing cologne allows us to take the fragrances we love with us all day.

So when you think of scent, be thoughtful. Using the right scent in your environment, or on your body, can really enhance your day.