How do you make decisions?

When you are trying to make a decision, do you ask your spouse, your best friend, your doctor or your attorney for advice? It is prudent to ask for professional guidance, and sometimes it is nice to gather opinions, but ultimately, the choice is yours. So do you go with what other people say, or do you dig deep, use your intuition, make the decision, and let the cards fall where they may?

If you find that you are always soliciting advice, maybe you are ignoring your own ideas. When something comes your way, and you need to make a decision, draw on your inner knowing, your gut reaction, your desires and your goals. Don’t think about what others will say or think. Just spend your energy improving your knowledge about the subject at hand. Doing so will not only distance you from the opinions of others, it will help you to become more confident when using your inner guidance system. Of course, every gut instinct will not lead to a perfect outcome. Allow yourself to fail. You will make mistakes, but eventually you will get it right.

During the process of self-discovery, you will be fine-tuning your intuition, and by doing so, you will become more confident. By fully trusting yourself, you will trust life, and by that point, there is nothing left to fear. Eventually, you will be making the right decisions every time.