happyWe recently shared some of the joyful events in our lives, and while they were events we looked forward to for many months, they did come and go rather quickly.

That is life.  We plan and look forward to certain periods of time. The excitement escalates and finally, the event is here, but the happiness we feel never lasts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could capture those moments and take them out whenever we felt like? Actually, we can. In Positive Psychology, they call it savoring.

 Do This Exercise

Think of something you look forward to every year, or think about a significant happy time that has already passed. The event could be anything: a vacation, a wedding, a party, the holidays.

Now close your eyes and think about the experience. What do you see? What emotions are you experiencing? Hold the memory for a few seconds. As much as possible, imagine yourself in the scene as if it were happening right now.

How do you feel?

You are probably feeling pretty good right now because thoughts have a significant effect on mood. The brain doesn’t know the difference between an event we are actually living and one we hold and live in our minds. And our bodies adjust and react according to what we are feeding the brain. Biofeedback, the technique used to help us get in touch with our bodies, is actually based on this principle.

With the use of biofeedback equipment, an individual learns how to recognize physiological reactions to thoughts and emotions. This awareness helps the subject modify responses to the environment, something that can enhance physical health, psychological health, and athletic performance.

How to be Happier

But you don’t need a machine to provide feedback. First, go within and experience your emotions.  Then, do the exercise. The more happy thoughts you think, the better you will feel.