Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday is the day we usually blog about practical things like nutrition and exercise, so isn’t it fitting that Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday? But of course the last thing you want to think about today is weight loss. We don’t believe in deprivation either, but we do want to get you through the holiday feeling good and not feeling like a stuffed Turkey.

On Thanksgiving, we usually have lots of choices, so it is easy to graze on crudités and hors d’oeuvres while we wait for the main course, and while eating a few things throughout the day is fine, we know that the calories can add up quickly. A good strategy is to focus on vegetables, but to also take a few bites of whatever you want. This is a good way to enjoy everything your host has to offer without going overboard.

The holiday is about food but it is not all about food. While you are enjoying the experience, keep in touch with how your body feels. Eat slowly and taste every morsel. Experiencing the holiday does not mean gobbling everything down. If you eat to a place just before you are full, not only will you likely not gain weight, but you will also feel satisfied and comfortable.

If you usually stuff yourself on Thanksgiving Day, this is a novel approach, but think of it like this: do you like the feeling of being overfull? Most of us don’t. Plus, eating too much food at once taxes the body, and sometimes leads to indigestion and fatigue. So we can do this Thanksgiving a better way.  All it takes is a new perspective.