Final Thoughts on the Self-Love Series

When you incorporate the suggestions in the self-love posts we wrote over the course of the past couple of months, and make them a habit, you will develop a new liking for yourself. This will come through the recognition that much of what you think is associated with your perception of events and relationships and not the actual events or relationships themselves. Then the renewed attention to your inner-self will develop into the love you crave from others.

If you are not at the place you want to be now, start by asking yourself questions. Meditate. Read our posts. Remember, we define self-love in the guest post we did for Daily Muse so you might want to start there.

Loving yourself is about creating yourself. It is about asking what kind of person you want to become and growing into that ideal. It is about embracing the Sara Bareilles definition of bravery and fearlessly expressing yourself without worrying what others think. Above all, self-love culminates in turning yourself inside out to show the world who you really are. When you really love yourself, you will become the person you are meant to be.