Do you have a calling?

We are always inspired by what drives Olympic athletes. They dedicate four years of their lives at a time to one goal, and they often do this at young ages. They cannot for example decide to train for the Olympics years from today. They must do it now, while they are young. Olympic hopefuls are not late bloomers. They know what they want now, and they are willing to give up anything to get it. And after the one race they trained for, they may decide to do it again, and devote another four years just for the heck of it. Of course, they do not really commit to four years lightly. So, why do they do it? They are driven because they have a calling.

The athletes realize that they are meant to train and perform. They are interested in one goal, and that is to get the gold by being the best at what they do, and they will train hard, ditch their social lives, abandon fast food and forgo idle summers, all for this one thing. So, is there one thing you really want? The one thing is not necessarily an athletic goal. It could be anything. The real question is, if you do want to do something—and feel that you are meant to achieve a specific goal—what is stopping you?