Cultivating a Genuine Look

Our faces are the focus of attention so much of the time. Women put on their “faces,” they say, as if they don’t have a face without all the Cover Girl or Revlon brightening, hiding and tweaking their most valuable asset. Our faces are how we are recognized. They are unique and individual. Why cover them up with expensive, manufactured products, largely designed to hide them?
On the other hand, we live in a society where women are expected to have a finished look. A  rejection of social expectations is not the answer and no one feels good tramping around with unkempt hair, and wearing worn, oversized clothing just because it is comfortable.
Looking good is all about balance, but it starts with perception. Stop looking for your imperfections. Instead, focus on your strengths. How do you want to look? Put on makeup not to hide your imperfections, but rather to show the world who you are. Wear colorful clothing if you like and you might even want to purposely mismatch styles. Be bold. Be beautiful. But do not waste too much time in front of the magnified mirror. Take a quick glance to see if everything is how you like it, and you are good to go.