Coping With the Snow


Where we live in New Jersey, it has been snowing. It is one of the snowiest years in a long time and everyone has been growing weary of the seemingly never-ending weather events. In fact, it is so pervasive, and affects so many lives, it is the main thing everyone is talking about. Why is this minor inconvenience a primary focus of attention?

The Two Reasons Why the Storms Create Angst

We retire after the 11 o’clock news not really knowing what the morning will bring. We have to live with the predictions alone, as the future is always uncertain.

Of course, the future is always uncertain and perhaps the storms that have relentlessly blanketed the Northeast is a reminder of that. Life is unpredictable!

Another reason why we blow the effects of the weather out of proportion is because it forces us to make decisions. What will you wear? How will you get to work safely? Should you even go to work or cancel an event?

Our Stress Comes from the Stories We Tell

We like to stay in our comfort zones, but when we are forced to make decisions, and live with the “not knowing,” we invent a new story. The new story is that the winter is stressful and if the snow would just end, we could all go about our routines without worry. But again, life never ceases to change.

The Buddhist saying “winter always turns to spring” is comforting. It metaphorically points out that the winter we dislike will end, and that there is something we can count on. Indeed, if there is anything we can count on, it’s change.

Allow and Appreciate the Winter

So let the winter come and go. Appreciate the beauty of the snow and ice, despite all the trouble it brings. Rest in the assurance that weather is only a small part of your life. And don’t forget to meditate. Going within is the best way to cope with all the inconveniences of daily life.