Celebrate Labor Day!

We hope you are kicking back and enjoying this Labor Day. It is one that we have all worked for. Labor Day is about celebrating our interconnectedness. It is a day where the work we contribute to society is observed and we get a day off from our regular daily routines.

As we enjoy our backyard activities and a day off from the work we do, it is a good time to re-examine our working lives.

In our August 13th post, we wrote about the idea of the calling, and that athletes devote their lives to a specific sport because they are called to do so. Are you doing what you ought to be doing on a practical level, or are you doing what you really love? It may be impractical to quit a lucrative job, but you can still explore a passion in your spare time. Who knows. Down the road, the passion you choose just might turn into a full-time career.

Whatever your occupation, enjoy the respite today. A little down time is always a good thing, even if you are doing what you love.