Welcome 2016!

mountainIt is hard to believe that another year has come to an end.

In 2015, ENoetic Press meetings were often done on the fly, in our precious spare time, and now always with a toddler in tow, but we realize that this is temporary, and  that we will begin to increase our effort as time allows.

That’s how life is. It ebbs and flows. so we had to be flexible.

While we were busy with other things in 2015, we still managed to publish five new blog posts, do a live radio interview, start a new project unlike anything we’ve done before—a novel—and are compiling those resource lists we promised you last year! We are continually coming up with new projects and looking forward to bringing them to fruition. What are you looking forward to?

Think about all you want. Set your intentions. It is a new year and a time for renewal. No worries about resolutions. You don’t have to make them. Just dream the new year into existence with positive thoughts, the things you desire perhaps on a vision board, and as much rest and renewal time you can steal. Winter is here! It is a good time to go within and prepare for all the good things to unfold in 2016.

Traveling at Warp Speed

imgresWe are writing again.  We are engaged.  We are up all night but for different reasons. We are traveling hopefully, looking ahead but with nothing planned yet. These are the lazy days of summer for some, but for us, it is time to get back to work. We are writing to let you know that our hiatus is over. We are ready to write our next book, to resume our blog, to converse with you, and to get back to the work we love.

We have the proverbial blank slate and we are ready to rock! Write to us! Share our posts. Read our book and pass it along. Look for our new posts, our tweets, and our Facebook status updates.  We are back!

But before we go, would like to share a picture of Sandrine’s adorable baby boy Noah at just four days old. noah2