Attaining the “Perfect” Body is All About Changing Your Mind

Do you want to target certain areas of your body like your abs or thighs? There are many DVDs on the market to help you do that, but the truth of it is that targeting a particular body part and getting it to where you want is not so easy.

The reason why target toning is not a good idea is that often the parts of the body we like least are those that are genetically inclined to be that way. We may not like carrying extra weight around our hips or stomach, but that is where some of us will find that extra bit of weight. And remember, the places where you gained weight first, are the places where the weight will come off last.

It is true that supermodels and athletes with seemingly perfect bodies have gotten past the genetics, but you may not realize that along with eating virtually perfect diets, they work out about two hours each day. If you want a perfect body, you can have it, but the truth of the matter is that you will have to do the work.

Realize that no matter how much you weigh, you may not be completely happy with all of your body parts, but you need not become an athlete to be happy. You can change your mind. It is a whole lot easier than putting in two hardcore hours at the gym every day.

Of course, our desire for the perfect look is tied to the culture’s conception of beauty. What people think is beautiful today is attached to extremes. How flat can we get our stomachs? How toned can we get our arms? But the truth of the matter is that these extremes are just extremes. As long as you are healthfully exercising and eating well, you are doing what is best for your beautiful body.