Angelina Jolie’s Decision

No matter what you think of Angelina Jolie’s decision to remove her breasts preemptively, know that this is a very different decision than for someone who has breast cancer. Breast cancer forces one to act. Most act quickly. Some do not and lose their lives. But the decision made by Angelina was proactive and not reactive. She had to let go of some of what the ego wants. She had to lose some identification with her body in order to opt for this procedure.

Cynics would suggest that this is another publicity stunt associated with Camp Jolie, but the truth is it takes a lot of self-love, and a lot of courage, to go through surgery that for most would be significantly life-changing. For Jolie, this is one of many unpopular decisions she has made probably through following her intuition.

Choosing radical surgery due to a genetic predisposition seems to be laced with fear, and lopping off breasts does not guarantee a cancer free existence, but fear does not seem to be at the root of her decision. Look at it this way: one of the most sought after women in the world made a decision to disfigure her body. That requires a tremendous amount of self.

Love her or hate her, this is a person who made a decision that challenges her relationship with her ego. To go through with this from a position of love and not fear, she has to be connected with her inner guidance. So it is really not for us to judge. We should all do what is right for us, no matter the consequences and no matter what other people say. Jolie is a shining example of living by your truth, something we wrote about in our last post Don’t Let Your Ego Get in the Way.